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The 10DLC (ten digit long code) registration process applies to businesses using a ten digit US phone number to contact consumers and is intended to regulate and protect the quality of business-to-consumer (A2P) messages, and to prevent spam and phishing traffic from flooding the networks.

Note this is a separate and additional requirement to consent and opt-in for messaging.

Consequences of Violating 10DLC Rules

If a brand or campaign is found to send disallowed or misleading content, or to deviate from the registered information, it can be suspended or revoked by the carriers, and face fines or permanent bans.

Important Carriers can change their 10DLC guidelines and requirements at any time without notice. It’s the sending party’s responsibility to follow the guidelines and requirements to stay in compliance.

Brand and Campaign Registration

Brands need to provide accurate and legitimate information about their company and business practices, which will be reviewed and approved by The Campaign Registry. Campaigns need to specify the use case and content type of the SMS messages, which must fall under an approved category and follow the carriers' Codes of Conduct. The various carriers’ Codes of Conduct can be found here.

Getting Started with 10DLC Registration

To get started with sending A2P messages, businesses need to register their company (brand) and SMS content/need (campaign) with The Campaign Registry. Bright Pattern Support Team can assist with the registration process, provide the necessary templates and guides, and submit registration to TCR (The Campaign Registry) on your behalf.

Info.40x40.png Please note, the decision to allow traffic belongs solely to the mobile carriers. The Bright Pattern Support Team doesn't have any means to influence the decision other than via the 10DLC process.