How to Save an Email as a Draft

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How to Make Yourself Ready

You manually make yourself Ready to indicate your readiness to handle interactions. You can make yourself Ready if your current state is either After Call Work or Not Ready.

To make yourself Ready:

  1. Click the User Status Indicator/Selector.
  2. Select Ready from the drop-down menu or press F9.

Making yourself Ready

Your state changes to Ready. You may now receive an interaction matching your qualifications at any time.

How to Retrieve an Email from Personal Queue

As mentioned in the How to Retrieve an Email from the Team Queue section, in addition to the Push and Pull distribution methods, an email can be assigned to you by a supervisor. Depending on your system configuration, if an incoming email is related to a case that you previously handled, such an email can also be delivered to you directly. These emails will appear in Personal Queue, from which you will be expected to retrieve them manually. Personal Queue looks very similar to the Team Queue described in the previous section. It is opened using the same control, displayed in the same area of your application, and provides the same information about each email.

For more information, see section How to Retrieve an Email for the Team Queue.

Personal Queue also contains emails that you may have worked on previously and saved as drafts. For more information, see section How to Save an Email as a Draft. Drafts are retrieved from Personal Queue for processing in the same way as new emails. Emails in Personal Queue are arranged by the service level agreement (SLA), with the ones closest to the SLA breach appearing on top of the list. Note that the limited space allocated for the personal queue on the desktop only allows you to see a few emails. You can scroll to see more emails.

The attachment indicator Add-Attachment-Button.png shows whether there are any attachments in the messages sent or received in the entire email thread. The indicator is displayed for each message in the thread at the end of the line in the queue.

To retrieve an email for handling, follow these steps:

  1. Double-click the email or click the Grab button in the editing area.
  2. The Active Communications List will display the email icon Email-Icon-50.png indicating that you now have an active email on your desktop.

For subsequent email handling steps, see section How to Review an Incoming Email.