How to Transfer Your Chat Session

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How to Use Personal Chat

At any time during your working session, you can send a Personal Chat message to your supervisor or another member of your team. The use of Personal Chat does not affect your operations with service interactions in any way.

Overview of Personal Chat

How to Send Personal Chat Messages

There are two ways to send Personal Chat messages:

  1. From within the Directory
  2. From the Personal Chats section of the Chat Center.

From the Directory

Chat from within the Directory while working in other areas

From the Chat Center

Choose Select from Directory

Select the user to initiate chat

Additional Features of Personal Chat

Starring a Message

It is possible to bookmark important, individual messages within a chat by clicking the Star Personal-Chat-Star-50.PNG icon. When you star a message, it becomes pinned to the area right of the chat in the Chat Center. Please note: You can only star received messages, not sent ones.

To star a message, follow these steps:

  1. Find the message.
  2. Click the Star Personal-Chat-Star-50.PNG.
  3. The star will have changed from a light color Personal-Chat-Star-50.PNG to a dark color Personal-Chat-Marked-Star-50.PNG.

From here, you will see the starred message appear in the area to the right of the chat.

Example of a starred message

When you click on the starred message, it will act as a shortcut, bringing the message to the top of the chat area.

Starred messages act as bookmarks within a Personal Chat

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