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Getting Started

In this section of the Agent Guide, you will learn how to log in and set up your Agent Desktop.

Before you can begin work, you must first make sure you have the following:

After you have completed setup, you can move on to the next section of this guide, Working in Agent Desktop.

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Agent Tutorials

Agent tutorials explain how to perform specific tasks within the Agent Desktop application.

Explore tutorials to learn more about the following topics:

Help and Troubleshooting

The Agent Guide's Troubleshooting section is here to provide help when things go wrong. Learn the meaning of error messages, how to report problems, and how to request help.



The Bright Pattern Contact Center Supervisor Guide focuses exclusively on using the Agent Desktop application to perform supervisory tasks such as agent supervision, campaign management tasks, real-time monitoring of key contact center performance indicators and helping agents with call handling. The guide also explains tasks related to real-time campaign management. Note that the same application is also used by contact center agents to provide customer service over the phone. For descriptions of all tasks related to customer service, see the Bright Pattern Contact Center Agent Guide.