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Service Overview

This section of the Salesforce Integration Guide explains how to integrate Bright Pattern Contact Center with Salesforce in Service Cloud view, placing the embedded Agent Desktop in your Service apps.

Service integration configuration is almost identical to Lightning integration configuration, with one exception when creating a new Lightning app to make the embedded Agent Desktop widget appear in your Service app. We recommend following Lightning integration configuration steps (see the following list), being sure to read the instructions carefully in section Add Connected App to Enable Scenarios to Access Salesforce Data.

Integration Steps

  1. Install Managed Package
  2. Set up Call Center
  3. Create a Lightning App
  4. Add Connected App to Enable Scenarios to Access Salesforce Data
  5. Enable Single Sign-On
  6. Add Salesforce Integration Account in Bright Pattern
  7. Enable Screen Pop for Multiple-Matching Records

Salesforce Service

Enable Screen Pop for Multiple-Matching Records

In this article you will learn how to enable screen pop for multiple-matching records for your Salesforce integration. In your Salesforce account, you will edit softphone layouts in order to make the ScreenPop scenario block to work.

Note that you do not have to change any settings for screen pop of single-matching results, only for multiple-matching results.

  1. In Salesforce Service Setup, search for Softphone and select Softphone Layouts.

    Service > Setup > Channels > Phone > Open CTI > Softphone Layouts

  2. On the Softphone Layouts page, select your layout and click Edit.

    Click "Edit" beside the selected softphone layout

  3. On the Softphone Layout Edit page, in the Screen Pop Settings section, expand the Multiple-matching records setting.

    Screen Pop Settings

  4. In Multiple-matching records, set Pop to search page.

    Pop to search page

  5. Click Save at the top of the page.

Screen pop functionality is now enabled in your Salesforce account.