List of List Metrics

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Lists View

Real-time metrics for specific lists within a selected campaign are displayed in the lower section of your Agent Desktop in a table called Lists. To view these metrics, first select the desired campaign in the General Campaign Metrics View. The Lists table will show all lists associated with the selected campaign in alphabetical order.

Campaign Lists View

Like the General Campaign Metrics view, Lists View also has a section where you can define a set of custom metrics for each list-campaign association individually. To define a custom view for a particular list, first select this list in the general list metrics view. Then, click the down arrow Campaign-List-Down-Arrow-50.PNG and select the desired "add" or "hide" options.

Metrics available in the Lists View are a subset of the campaign metrics focused on records (as opposed to call attempts), except that they only apply to records of an individual list within the selected campaign. For descriptions of these metrics, see section List of List Metrics.

The following data is specific to the campaign list view:

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