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Call Recordings

Interaction records that are associated with call recordings are displayed with an audio icon. By clicking the icon, you can listen to a call recording and review any agent-provided notes associated with the call. Call recordings are useful for supervisors, for example, who may wish to review agent calls, evaluate agent performance, and save agent ratings.

Listening to Call Recordings

To listen to a call recording, proceed through the following steps.

Step 1: Click Reporting-reference-guide-image9.png and play the recording.

Step 2: Grade agent performance and comment.

If any categories for agent performance evaluation have been defined in your contact center configuration, you can grade the agent performance during the selected call on a scale of one to nine in any of those categories. You can also enter some free-form comments about this call recording.

Click the Rate button to save the data you have entered. Your grades and comments for this call recording will be stored and made available to other users who may subsequently review this call record.

Note that the same call recording is provided for all call segments, but you can grade performance of each agent who handled the call separately. Use the next and previous buttons to navigate between segments. Absence of any call grading categories on the Review Call Recording page for a particular call segment means that during that segment the call was connected to an IVR application.

Step 3: Save recordings and associated grades/notes.

Note that in order to access the recording these people must have privilege Listen to call recordings and chat transcripts.

Global Interaction Identifier

Global interaction identifier (GIID) is a UUID-formatted number assigned to every interaction processed within Bright Pattern Contact Center. It can be used to track interaction history through all stages of processing within the system, including possible consultations, transfers, conferences, service changes, and media upgrades. At run-time, GIID can be exported to third-party applications via scenarios and/or desktop integration APIs. Historically, GIID appears in all records related to interaction processing, including call detail records, outbound campaign results, voice recording file names, and activity history of pre-integrated CRM applications. GIID is available as a search condition (i.e., data element) in the interaction records search.

Examples of global interaction IDs in interactions records search results

Rules When Assigning a GIID

Depending on whether an interaction is new or related to another existing interaction, GIID is either generated or inherited. More specifically, the following general rules apply when assigning a GIID:


A typical use of the GIID can be illustrated by the following example. When reviewing your customer relationship management (CRM) transactions, you need to find voice recordings of the related calls, both while they are still stored in the Bright Pattern Contact Center system and after they have been exported and stored elsewhere.

When configuring your system to support the above task:

When looking for a voice recording related to your CRM transaction:

Note that depending on the workflow, your search may produce several voice recordings (e.g., recordings of call segments before and after a transfer, or a recording of an associated consult call).

How GIIDs Are Exposed

GIIDs are exposed via the data elements described in the following table. The "Where to Use" column names where the data element is used, and the "Data Element to Use" column describes the type and name of the element (i.e., field, variable, parameter, etc.).

Where to Use Data Element to Use
  • variable $(item.globalInteractionId) - An Interaction property
Simplified Desktop .NET API
  • globalInteractionId - A property of events evtCallDialing and evtCallOffered
  • globalInteractionId - An optional parameter of method CallDial
Desktop Integration API .NET Version
  • globalInteractionId - An optional parameter of method makeCall integration
Zendesk integration
RightNow integration
Reporting Database
  • global_interaction_id - A field from the table call_detail
Detail Reports
Campaign Results
  • Global Interaction ID - A field from the campaign results in detailed and simple formats
Exported voice recording
Activity History Forms
  • $(ActivityHistory.global_interaction_id) - The Activity History list field data element is available in the Text form control.

Note the following: