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Scenarios Overview

Scenarios are created and edited in Bright Pattern's Scenario Builder application. The articles in this section link to scenario-building templates, exercises, and "how to" articles in the Scenario Builder Reference Guide.


Scenario Exercises

Bright Pattern scenario exercises show you how to build a scenario for a specific service and purpose. These exercises provide detailed descriptions of which scenario blocks to use, how to configure their properties, and why you need them. Sometimes you need a practice run before you can build your dream scenario.

These articles are available in the Scenario Builder Reference Guide, section Scenario-Building Exercises.



Scenario Templates

There are many ways to build a scenario, but sometimes it is easier to start with a template and modify it later. Bright Pattern provides custom templates, which include instructional comments and explanations, for you to download and import into your contact center. Note that these templates differ from those provided out-of-the-box in your Contact Center Administrator applications.

These templates are available in the Scenario Builder Reference Guide, section All Scenario Templates.