Wallboard Builder Overview

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View Mode

In View mode, the wallboard's Grid, Settings, and Remove icons are hidden from view, and no changes can be made to the wallboard itself.

The wallboard displays the following elements:

A wallboard in view mode


The title is the identifying name of the wallboard, and it is shown at the top of the screen with a large font size. The title is important because it is what is displayed in the list of wallboards that may be selected. The more descriptive and specific the wallboard title is, the easier it is to select the desired one for the task at hand.

The title of the wallboard is shown at the top of the wallboard

The Wallboard-Title-Arrow-316.png down arrow is used to select which wallboard to view. If no wallboards are defined, a default wallboard layout is shown in Edit mode.

Personal and saved global wallboards are listed


When clicked, the wallboard menu displays actions that may be taken for the selected wallboard.

These actions are described as follows:

Wallboard menu actions

Note the following:

Wallboard Selection Arrows

The arrows shown beside the wallboard menu are used for flipping between your personal wallboards and pulled global wallboards. Click the left and right arrows to navigate through your saved wallboards.

Wallboard selection arrows

To view a list of all of your saved wallboards, click the wallboard title's down arrow.


In View mode, the selected wallboard's cards (i.e., cells) are shown in whichever way they were created and saved. Cards display widgets with statistics, metrics, news or announcements, summary charts, and so forth. If cards have not been configured, they are shown empty.

For more information about cards and their contents, see section Widgets.

Wallboard cards/cells are shown

Switching Between View Mode and Edit Mode

The Settings Wallboard-Edit-Icon-316.png icon appears upon mouseover only, and it is hidden when the cursor moves away from the icon. Clicking the Settings icon switches the Agent Desktop dashboard into Edit mode and opens the configuration dialog for the widget to be edited.

It is also possible to switch to Edit mode via the wallboard menu. Click the Menu Wallboard-Menu-Selector-50.jpg icon and select Edit.

Automatic Screen Rotation

If you have created or have access to more than one wallboard, it is possible to rotate between them either manually or configure your system to do so automatically. For more information, please see Rotating Screens.