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Version 5.2.1

Bright Pattern Contact Center version 5.2.1 is a minor release comprising two feature enhancements and various bug fixes.


The following new features have been added in version 5.2.1.

New Zealand Date Format

The locale English-NZ has been added to both the Service Provider application and the Contact Center Administrator application. When selected, the date format changes to DD/MM/YYYY. The locale can be selected via the application settings.

Auto Pin Case on Agent-Initiated Chat and Call

A new case and contact management setting allows cases created from an active call or chat to be automatically pinned to the creating agent. Automatically pinning interactions helps agents keep better track of work by preventing important chats and calls from getting lost.

For more information, see the Contact Center Administrator Guide, section Case & Contact Management > General Settings.


The following defects have been fixed in this version of Bright Pattern Contact Center. If you need to speak to Bright Pattern Support about any of these fixes, please use the provided reference numbers.

Reference Fixed in Version 5.2.1
13472 Daily stats reset does not work for logged-out agents
13883 Configured email service does not return emails from personal queue to general queue under configured settings
14636 Do Not Call (DNC) list FTP import causes 500 server error
14648 Virtual Queue callback not offered after an agent accepts/answers a call
14689 Case status filter does not work for contact cases in a non-English locale
14734 Scenario engine crashes on attempt to email voice transcript

Upgrade Notes

Live Upgrade

Upgrade without downtime is supported from version or later only. To ensure uninterrupted operations during the upgrade, follow the upgrade procedure described in the Bright Pattern Contact Center Deployment Guide, section Upgrades.

Database Changes

Configuration database schemas have changed since Be sure to perform a test upgrade on a copy of production environment configuration before upgrading your production environment. For detailed instructions, see the Bright Pattern Contact Center Deployment Guide, section Performing Database Test Runs.

The historical database schema did not change since

Offline Upgrades

Direct (one-step offline) upgrades to version are supported from version and any subsequent officially released product versions.

If you are upgrading from any version prior to version be sure to read the What’s New documents and Release Notes for all versions that will have been skipped, as they may contain other important instructions and considerations.

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