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Note: Collection of voice signature during a call only makes sense if the call is being recorded. Thus, any service involving voice signature collection will be configured to record 100% of the calls. You do not need to activate recordings for calls associated with such services manually.

Methods of Voice Processing

The process of voice signature collection can be facilitated using one of these two methods:

Using a Set of Prerecorded Prompts Configured by Your System Administrator for the Corresponding Service

If this method is used, a menu of such prompts will appear in the Contact Info Panel when you either make or receive a call associated with the given service. The order in which the messages must be played will be determined by your system administrator.

When you are ready to begin the process of voice signature collection:

  • Select the first message from the menu.
  • Activate the playback.
  • Wait for the customer response.
  • Repeat for all prompts that are part of the voice signature collection process.

For more information, see section How to Use Pre-recorded Messages.

Connecting a Voice Application to Your Call

In this case, your system administrator will provide the name and directory location of the application that should be connected when you are ready to begin the process of voice signature collection for the given service. Once you have connected the application, it will play all the necessary prompts to the customer, pausing after each prompt for a few seconds to give him an opportunity to respond. For more information, see section How to Connect a Voice Application to Your Call.

Once the voice signature collection is over and you are satisfied with all customer responses, select the voice signature checkbox to indicate that the recording of this call contains a voice signature. This checkbox may be located either in the Contact Info Panel or on the custom form that you see in the Context Information Area.

Voice signature checkbox

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