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  • コンタクト情報パネルで他の参加者を見て話すことができます。
  • 新しい参加者をこの電話会議に招待できます。
  • いつでも電話会議を退場できます。

Adding New Participants

To add a new participant to the conference, follow these steps:

  1. Place your conference call on hold and make a consultation call to the desired new party. See How to Make a Consultation Call for more information.
  2. After making sure that the consultation party can join the conference, click the Merge button Merge-Button-50.png.

Leaving a Conference

To leave the conference, click the Leave button Leave-Button-50.png. You will be disconnected while the remaining parties will carry on with the conference call.

The conference host can disconnect you from the conference at any time. The conference host can also end the conference for all participants in one step. For more information about conference host’s privileges, see How to Host a Conference Call.

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