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通話の録音を可能とする権限をお持ちの場合、 通話中にコンタクト情報パネルで通話録音ボタン Record-Call-Button-50.png が表示されます。

通話の録音を開始するには、通話録音ボタンをクリックします。録音が開始し、ボタンの表示は 停止コントロールキー Stop-Recording-Call-Button.pngに切り替わります。

Depending on your permissions, once the recording starts, you may not be able to stop it. In this case, the recording button will be disabled, and the entire conversation from the moment of recording activation will be recorded.

Note: Many services are configured to record some or all calls automatically from the moment you receive and/or make them. If a call is being recorded automatically, the call recording button will show the stop control from the moment the call is established.

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