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  1. 添付ボタン Add-Attachment-Button.pngをクリックします。
  2. ファイルを選択します。
  3. 開くをクリックします。
  4. また、ファイルを直接チャットパネルにドラッグアンドドロップすることもできます。





If the customer sends you a document, your Chat Panel will show the file name as a link. Click the link to download the document and open it as any regular file on your computer.

A link to an attachment in the chat panel

If the customer sends you a picture, it will be displayed as part of your message exchange in the Chat Panel.

A picture in the chat panel

If you click the picture, it will appear in a large pop-out window.

A picture in a pop-out window

If the native size of the picture is larger than the pop-out window, you will be able to adjust the viewing are via zoom controls and/or display the picture in a separate browser tab/window.

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