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処理を行うために選択した電子メールがアクティブな対話リストに含まれている場合、エージェントデスクトップアプリケーションのコンテキスト情報エリア全体がこの電子メールの処理専用エリアになります。 電子メールワークエリアが以下の3つの部分から構成されています: 閲覧ウィンドウ, 返信エディター,ノート・エディター
  • The Reading Pane displays the content of the current email that you need to process. The number of the case that this email is part of is displayed above. The Reading Pane can also show you the history of all previous communications related to this case.
  • The Reply Editor is used to compose a reply to the message displayed in the Reading Pane. This area is also used to look for an article in the Knowledge Base that can be used as a template for your email, and to view the notes related to the current email thread.
  • The Notes Editor is used to enter some internal comments regarding the email interaction you are working on that may be of help to other agents who may be working on this case in the future. When you use the Reply Editor to look for a Knowledge Article, the Notes Editor will display the content of the articles that you select for preview.

The email working area

Note: When you look for cases, the Context Information Area will look different. For more information, see section How to Send a Follow-up Email.

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