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== How to Use Search ==
==検索機能の使い方 ==
In the text entry field at the top of the screen, you can enter search terms for quick lookup of specific keywords found in stored contacts. If your search returns results, you will see a list of contacts that include the search term you entered.

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Enter search term

Managing Contacts

Buttons at the bottom of the Search page allow you to manage contacts.


  • To create a new contact, click Create.
  • To open contact details for a selected person, click Open.
  • To delete a contact, click Delete.

Accessing Cases

From the Search page, you can navigate to Cases by clicking the Cases tab at the top right of the page. Any stored cases that you have handled will be listed on the screen. You can sort and search cases.

Cases tab

To return to Contacts Search, click the Contacts tab.

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