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* パスワードを変更します。
* パスワードを変更します。
== Step 3: Configure the voicemail system ==
== ステップ 3: ボイスメールシステムを設定します。 ==
Enable [[contact-center-administrator-guide/Voicemail|voicemail]] for your contact center.
== Step 4: Create accounts ==
== Step 4: Create accounts ==

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ステップ 1: デフォルトのユーザ名とパスワードを使ってログインします。


ステップ 2: アプリケーション設定を調整します。

アプリケーション設定 を以下の通りに更新します。

  • タイムゾーンと言語を設定します。
  • パスワードを変更します。

ステップ 3: ボイスメールシステムを設定します。


Step 4: Create accounts

  1. Create accounts for the users who will be performing the configuration tasks discussed in later steps. Initially, these users can be members of the default Administrators team.
  2. Then assign those users the roles that will enable them to perform their tasks.

Step 5: Specify the email settings

See section Email Settings.

Step 6: Setup audio for pre-recorded messages

  1. Prepare and upload custom audio treatments.
  2. Create shared voice segments.
  3. Record or upload a default voicemail greeting.

Step 7: Update general settings

Review and change the default values of the general settings that apply to the entire contact center.

Step 8: Specify call recording settings and grading categories

Specify the desired percentage of recorded calls and, if necessary, change the default quality assessment categories. Refer to section Call Recording and section Grading Categories.

Step 9: Define operational schedules of your contact center.

Specify your contact center's calendars and hours of operation.

Step 10: Create teams and add users

  1. Add teams to your contact center. Agents work in teams that supervisors are assigned to supervise.
  2. Create or import users and assign them to teams. If you plan to use chat media to serve your customers and/or for internal communications, consider uploading photos for all users. Note that users may be given the privilege to configure many of their own settings and upload their own photos.
  3. Create or import users that will serve as supervisors, and assign them to supervise the agent teams.

Other Configuration Steps

For configuration steps specific to different types of services, follow these links: