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言語スキルは、補助スキル同様に、スキルレベルで設定できる言語スキルをエージェントに対して付与できます。 例えば、お客様は特定の言語でサービスを要求するとします。この場合、既定のサービススキルに加えて、言語スキルを選択し、要求されたサービスを提供できるエージェントにそのスキルを割り当てなければなりません。


ご注意: Bright Patternコンタクトセンターの旧バージョンの場合、言語スキルは補助スキルの一つとして 設定できます。言語が以前に設定された場合、それらは補助スキルのリストで "言語 - 旧バージョン"として表示されます。


How to Add Language Skills

To select language skills, select Language Skills from the Call Center Configuration menu. To add a new language skill, click the add button and select the language from the drop-down menu. To edit or delete languages, hover the cursor over their names and click either edit Language-Edit-51.png or delete Language-Delete-51.png. Unlike the default service skills, language skills must be assigned to agents explicitly. See section Skills Levels for more information.

Choose languages from the drop-down menu

Notes About Languages

“Chinese – Traditional Han” and “Chinese – Simplified Han” are mapped to Chinese - Taiwan and Chinese - China, respectively. Note that we will keep our current list of Chinese languages (borrowed from Java locales – China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan) and will not switch to the conventional classification of dialect groups (Mandarin, Wu, Gan, Xiang, Min, Hakka, Yue).

Languages Skills in Email

When configuring services for email in Scenario Entries, language skills are an important element. The list of languages in Optional Filters is limited to the configured language skills that are auto-detectable.

If the Set language skill based on detected language checkbox is selected, emails with undetectable languages will be sent to the default email service regardless of keyword matches. Moreover, if the language of an email is detectable but not on the list of configured languages of the call center, the email will be sent to the default email service.

For more information on language skill settings for email, see Services Tab in Email.

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