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API Reference

Agent Desktop APIs

Access Agent Desktop functions using JavaScript; control agent states and handle calls from .NET-based applications.

Embedded Desktop API

The Embedded Agent Desktop API allows you to use Agent Desktop directly from your webpage.

List Management API

Manage the contents of outbound calling lists and Do Not Call lists via third-party applications.

Mobile APIs

Develop customer-facing mobile/web apps for advanced chat, voice, and video communications.

Recording API

Download recording audio files along with their associated metadata with the Recording Retrieval API.


Send and receive SMS and MMS messages, as well as track delivery status with the SMS/MMS API.

Statistics API

Work with subscriptions, real-time statistics, dispositions, and more with the Real-Time Statistics API.

Tenant Management API

Transfer tenant configuration between various environments, create tenants from templates, and more.

User Management API

Automate user provisioning with third-party systems using the User Management API.