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Phone Devices Overview

Bright Pattern Contact Center software supports a variety of phone devices for your agents to use as well as the ability for administrators to configure access to these devices. In order to promote maximum efficiency in your contact center, you may find it helpful to streamline the available phone device options.

The following phone device configuration tutorials are based on likely use cases for your contact center; they include the following:

Note: The following functionalities are not supported unless the BPClient plugin is installed:

  • Screen monitoring (i.e., a user can monitor others, but they cannot be monitored)
  • Screen recording
  • The GUI popup for inbound interactions (i.e., outside of the web browser window)
  • Client-side diagnostic logging (i.e., BPClient.log)
  • Audio notifications through all audio devices (e.g., ringing on all devices)
  • The Simplified Desktop .NET API
  • Business user presence detection (i.e., system input activity tracking)
  • The G.729 codec
  • For integrations, the CTI phone in Salesforce Classic

Additional Notes:

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