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Logging into Agent Desktop

Bright Pattern's Agent Desktop application can be launched from any supported web browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

To log in to Agent Desktop, you will need to know the following:

Note that Bright Pattern offers single sign-on (SSO) functionality for the contact center platform. SSO enables access to both Bright Pattern's Agent Desktop and Wallboard applications when you log in to either one of these applications. For example, if you log in to Agent Desktop and then navigate to Wallboard, you will find yourself already logged in to that application as well.

Step 1: Enter login credentials

  1. Open your web browser and type in your contact center's URL:


    For example:

  2. In the Username and Password fields of the dialog box, enter the username and password provided to you by your system administrator. Do not change other fields of the dialog box unless instructed to do so by your system administrator.

  3. Click the Log in button.


Step 2: Confirm permissions and change password (if needed)

If this is your first time logging in to Agent Desktop, you may be asked to confirm your permission to show notifications from this web page. Confirm your permission to display notifications.

パスワードを忘れた場合、パスワードをお忘れの方のリンクをクリックし、手続きを行ってください。パスワード再発行に関する情報は、メールアドレスへ送信されます。 メールアドレスは、Bright Patternコンタクトセンターアドミニストレータシステムのユーザアカウントで登録されたメールアドレスでなければなりません。メールアドレスをご存知でない場合、管理者にパスワードリセットを手動で行っていただけます。


How to change your password

  1. Click your User Profile photo icon User-Icon-50.png. Note: If you have not uploaded a photo to your user profile, click on the Settings icon AD-Settings-Icon-50.png instead.

  2. Select the Change Password option.



Step 3: Navigate the user interface

Successful logging into the Agent Desktop application marks the beginning of your working session. Your current status will be displayed in the upper-left corner of the application screen.


お客様がエージェントである場合、コンタクトセンターの慣行に応じて、ログイン時に受付不可または受付可能のいずれかの状態の割り当てが行われます。 受付不可の状態が割り当てられた場合、状態を手動で受付可能に変更しない限り、サービスコールは受信できません。 受付可能な状態が割り当てられた場合は、ログイン直後にインタラクションの受信が可能です。エージェントの状態とその変更方法の詳細については、現在の状態に関する説明をご覧ください。

If you are not an agent, you will be assigned the status Available Agent-State-Ready-50.png immediately upon login. This status indicates to your colleagues your availability to communicate. If you prefer not to be disturbed by incoming calls or instant messages, consider manually changing your status to Not Ready Agent-State-Not-Ready.png by clicking the drop-down menu icon below the current status indicator. For more information about availability indicators, see section How to Use the Directory.

Some of the functions described in this guide may not be available to you. This usually means that either the corresponding capabilities are disabled in your contact center, or you do not have the permissions to use the function in question. If you believe that you need access to such functions in order to perform your tasks, contact your system administrator.

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