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ウェブRTCは、ウェブブラウザーで安全な(つまり暗号化された)リアルタイム通信を可能にするオープンソースプロジェクトです。バージョン5.5.0以降、Bright Pattern コンタクトセンターのソフトウェアには、 ブラウザーオーディオ (ウェブRTC)を介する安全な電話 という電話デバイスオプションが含まれます。



  • お使いのコンピュータのスピーカーデバイスについては、ウェブブラウザーによって正確に通知されない場合があります。このため、Bright Pattern コンタクトセンターのソフトウェアは、使用されているオーディオデバイスを指すためにコンピュータのマイクを使います。
  • If WebRTC is the only phone device option allowed in your contact center, the following functionalities are not supported unless the BPClient plugin is installed:
    • Screen monitoring (i.e., a user can monitor others, but they cannot be monitored)
    • Screen recording
    • The GUI popup for inbound interactions (i.e., outside of the web browser window)
    • Client-side diagnostic logging (i.e., BPClient.log)
    • Audio notifications through all audio devices (e.g., ringing on all devices)
    • The Simplified Desktop .NET API
    • Business user presence detection (i.e., system input activity tracking)
    • The G.729 codec
    • For integrations, the CTI phone in Salesforce Classic
  • Note: In order to use screen monitoring, both users (i.e., the host of the monitoring and monitored user) should have the BPClient plugin installed.
  • Starting from Bright Pattern Contact Center version 5.5.0, the following codecs are supported:
    • For browsers that support WebRTC:
      • G.711 mu-law, a-law, G.722
    • If the Agent Desktop Helper Application plugin is used (i.e., both secure and regular mode):
      • Above + G.729


  • The Firefox web browser cannot use a microphone if it was plugged in after the browser was started; however, it works if there is another microphone registered in the system. In other words, adding a second or third microphone is supported, but adding the first one is not. The only workaround is to restart the entire browser.
  • Events about audio device changes may be delayed if a frame with Agent Desktop is out of focus. Bringing it into focus enables the events.


  • The Allow All Auto-Play option must be enabled for your contact center's website; this setting is required to play ring tones as well as WebRTC audio. To enable this setting, take the following steps:
    • When you are at your contact center's website, from the Safari menu, select Settings for This Website.
    • In the pop-up window, locate the Auto-Play option.
    • From the pop-up window, select the Allow All Auto-Play option.
  • Note that audio may not start if a frame with Agent Desktop is out of focus. Bringing it into focus starts the audio.

Internet Explorer

  • The Internet Explorer (IE) web browser does not support WebRTC.
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