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Bot / Chat Suggestions Engine Integration

Bright Pattern integrates with chatbots to provide meaningful suggestions to an agent during a chat session and to provide pure bot functionality, in which customers can complete self-service tasks without the help of a live agent. This functionality is enabled through a bot/chat suggestions engine integration account. Integration accounts are what allow your contact center to operate with third-party services.

This version of Bright Pattern Contact Center supports the following types of bot/chat integration: Alterra and Watson Conversation.

How to Add a Bot/Chat Suggestions Engine Integration Account

  1. In the Contact Center Administrator application, go to Configuration > Call Center Configuration > Integrations Accounts.

  2. Click the Add account (+) button to add a new integration account.

    Add new integration account

  3. Select account type Bot / Chat suggestions engine and click OK.

    Select "Bot / Chat suggestions engine"

  4. In the Bot / Chat suggestions engine type dialog, select your desired type of bot instance. Select from Alterra or Watson Conversation.

    Make a selection

  5. Click OK. The properties for that engine will open next (see descriptions below).

Alterra Properties

Bot / Chat suggestions engine integration account properties of the Alterra type are as follows. Note that the properties shown depend on the type of bot/chat suggestions engine selected.

Alterra bot/chat suggestions engine integration account properties


Name is the unique name of this integration account. It is helpful to have a descriptive name if your tenant uses multiple integration accounts of the same type.


Type is the type of integration account.


For Alterra, the default Url value is


The default HTTP method is POST, and the drop-down selector is disabled.

API key

This is the API key required to access the service (optional). There is no default value.

Use url encode

For Alterra, the URL encode is 0 and the checkbox is disabled.

Maximum suggestions

Maximum suggestions is the maximum number of suggestions (e.g., 1, 2, or 3) that can be delivered to the Agent Desktop. For Alterra, the maximum number of suggestions is 1.

Watson Assistant Properties

The following properties are shown when you add a Bot / Chat suggestions engine integration account and select Watson as the account type. Fill in these properties to connect your contact center to your existing Watson Assistant instance on IBM Cloud.

For more information on Watson Assistant, see How to Create a Watson Assistant and How to Integrate Bots with Chat

Watson Conversation bot/chat suggestions engine integration account properties


A unique name for your bot.


By default, “Watson Conversation” because you selected this type when adding the account.


The endpoint of your Watson Assistant (string). Note that you must enter the Url in the following way for your bot to work properly.

The Url consists of: + /v1/workspaces/ + your workspace ID (see below) + /message?version=2017-05-26

For example:

Workspace ID

The identifying number (string) of your Watson Assistant Workspace (i.e., instance).

To find this ID, go to IBM Watson Assistant > Workspaces, click on the desired workspace’s Actions button, and select View details.

IBM Watson Assistant > Workspaces

Copy your workspace ID from there.

Copy your workspace ID


The username (string) that is used to authenticate the Watson Conversation API. The username is provided in the service credentials for the service instance that you want to use.


The password (string) used to authenticate the Watson Conversation API. The password is provided in the service credentials for the service instance that you want to use.

Max API calls per day

The maximum number of calls that can be done each day. This limit is here to keep your account from being charged for additional calls beyond the first 1,000 that are included in a free account.

Maximum suggestions

The maximum number of suggestions (e.g., 3) that can be delivered to the Agent Desktop during active chat interactions. Suggestions are the bot-generated replies that agents can select and use during chats.

Test Connection

Click to be sure Bright Pattern Contact Center can connect to your Watson Assistant.

If the credentials are invalid, go back to the Url property and make sure you’ve entered it exactly as explained. Test until you see the success dialog: "Account credentials appear to be valid."

Click Apply at the bottom of the screen to save your account properties.

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