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Contact Center Administrator Introduction

The Bright Pattern Contact Center Administrator Guide describes the configuration of the contact center resources that users of Bright Pattern Contact Center need to know in order to operate in a specific contact center environment. Such resources include agents and other users, agent teams, contact center services with associated skills, scenarios, and operation schedules, extensions and access points, and various other settings.


コンタクトセンター管理者アプリケーションの レポートメニュー の項目については、Bright Pattern レポートリファレンスガイドをご覧ください。

The Contact Center Administrator application


The Contact Center Administrator Guide is intended to be used by personnel responsible for contact center operations, such as the following:

  • Contact center services and interaction processing scenarios definition
  • Contact center workforce management
  • Contact center efficiency and quality of customer service assessment
  • Outbound campaign definition and execution
  • General contact center management
  • Contact center reporting and quality monitoring

Guide Sections

The sections of this guide are organized in the same order as they are presented in the application; sections containing subsections are organized into subbooks. Additionally, reference material is provided in order to help you as you configure your contact center. The guide's sections are as follows: