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このようなIPアドレス範囲を設定するには、セキュリティ > システムアクセス制限へ進みます。

Security > System Access Restrictions



When enabling Limit system access by client IP address, you can define addresses for each subsection. Note that the default setting is <Any> in the Agent Desktop and Contact Center Applications section and the "Privileged Access IP Range" section, which means there is no limiting. Once IP addresses are defined in these sections, <Any> will disappear.


該当する権限が付与されたユーザーに対して、エージェントデスクトップおよびコンタクトセンター管理者アプリケーションへのアクセス(必要に応じてAPI経由のアクセス)が許可されるIPアドレス範囲を設定できます。設定するには、以下のセクションの追加 をクリックしなければなりません。

  • Allow Agent Desktop and Contact Center Administrator applications access from following IP address ranges - Allows access to these Bright Pattern applications from defined IP addresses; the default setting is <Any>
  • Allow users with "Privileged Access IP Range" privilege from following address ranges - Allows users (e.g., administrators) to be able to log in to the system from a defined IP address (e.g., a public place such as a coffee shop); the default setting is <Any>
  • 以下のIPアドレスレンジからAPIアクセスを許可する - API経由のアクセスを許可します。

The desired IP address range should be expressed as a combination of the base IP address and a mask. The mask is used to define which bits in the base IP address are fixed and which bits are variable. A 1 bit is used to indicate a bit in the IP address that is fixed, while a 0 bit indicates that the bit is variable. Use variable bits will form the desired range.

Example Usage

If you set the following, System Access Restrictions will be from address to address

  • Address:
  • Mask:

If you set the following, System Access Restrictions will be from address to address