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ご注意: このコントロールは、フォームビルダーアプリケーションバージョン3.xで作成されたフォーム(バージョン5.x)で使用できます。

Hyperlink component in Preview mode


The following settings can be specified for the Hyperlink component.


Select or define the text style for this element. Choose from the following options:

  • << None >>
  • Text
  • Title
  • Label
  • Hyperlink
  • Note

Click add/edit to add more text styles or edit styles for this element. Changes that you make in this field are shown in the component's configuration.

Link text

Enter the text of the hyperlink to be displayed on the form.

Hyperlink URL

Hyperlink URL is the URL of the target web page that is supposed to open when the user clicks the hyperlink text.

Hyperlink component settings
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