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内部チャット レポートは、エージェントが送信した内部チャットメッセージの詳細な記録を提供します。 エージェント時間枠などのフィルターを使うと、特定の時間に特定のエージェントから発信された対話に関するレポートを要求できます。


Metric Descriptions

The metrics of this report are organized into columns, which are described as follows in the order in which they appear in the report.


Date is the date when the internal chat message entered the system.

Time is given in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).


Sender is the name of the agent who initiated the internal chat interaction.


Recipient is the name of the agent who received the internal chat message from the sender.


Content is the chat transcript of the internal chat message. The content shown in the report is the text that was typed in the text input field and sent to the recipient agent.

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