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Ask a Bot

Ask a Bot scenario block

Scenarios use the Ask a Bot block to submit the most recent message received from the user to the bot, and deliver suggestions from the bot to the customer. You can think of this block as the facilitator of bot-automated conversations. This block passes messages between the user and the bot.


Ask a Bot scenario block settings

Title text

The name of the scenario block (any).


The variable that gets the text of the last received message: $(item.message)

If building a scenario that also uses the Play-Listen block, you can enter variable $(item.transcript) in this Message field.


Variable receiving array of suggested responses (data)


The variable (string) that receives the raw bot suggested response. For example, raw_response.

Timeout after, sec

The number of seconds to wait before the Timeout conditional exit is taken.

Conditional Exits

This block has a default exit and three conditional (i.e., "error") exits: Timeout, Failed, and No Data.

Here's a closer look at why these exits may be taken:

  • Failed - Client Web Server is unavailable
  • Timeout - The timeout is reached but there is no response
  • No Data - There are no bot suggestions (i.e., data)

For each of the conditional exits, the scenario will send a message and then connect to the agent.

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