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Get Agent State

The Get Agent State block can be used to check an agent's current state. The agent state is stored in the variable $(agentState). For state Not Ready, the block also returns the Not Ready reason in the variable $(notReadyReason). For state Busy, the block also returns the media type of the interaction the agent is busy with in the variable $(busyWithMediaType).

Get Agent State scenario block

Conditional Exits

The Get Agent State block may take one of the following conditional exits: No data or Logged Out.

No Data

The No data conditional exit is taken if no agent state is returned.

Logged Out

The Logged Out condition exit is taken if the specified agent is logged out of the Agent Desktop application.


Agent's digital ID (extension)

This field allows you to enter in the extension of an agent with the purpose of retrieving their state.

Get Agent State settings

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