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= My Stats vs. My Team's =
= 個人の統計データ対チームの統計データ =
The ''My Stats vs. My Team's'' widget displays metrics of an agent's performance against their team's. The following metrics are displayed in the widget:
* '''Handled'''
* '''Handled'''

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  • Handled

Displays the number of interactions handled by agents for the day

  • Average handling time

Displays the average amount of time spent handling and completing interactions

  • Successful interactions

Displays the percentage of calls that received the Success disposition type

If you hover your cursor over the widget, you may highlight information about any of the displayed metrics.

My Stats user widget displaying an agent's statistics


Users with the privilege Customize Wallboards may edit the control settings of wallboard widgets. My Stats settings are as follows.

Agent setting with Logged in User selected


The Agent setting allows you to select any member of your team(s) or Logged in User (i.e., yourself) for display; the default is Logged in User.

Agent setting with user selected
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