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= Rotating Screens=
= 画面の切り替え=
If you have created or have access to more than one wallboard, it is possible to rotate between them either manually or configure your system to do so automatically.
=== Manual Screen Rotation ===
=== Manual Screen Rotation ===

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Manual Screen Rotation

To manually rotate between wallboard screens, use either the Wallboard-Selector-Arrow-316.png Wallboard selector for selecting a personal or global wallboard or the Wallboard-LR-Arrows-316.png Navigation arrows for flipping from one wallboard to the next.

Automatic Screen Rotation

To enable wallboard screens to automatically rotate, take the following steps:

  1. Click the menu Wallboard-Menu-Button-52.PNG button
  2. Select Rotation
  3. Select the Enabled checkbox
  4. Select which wallboards you would like included in the rotation
  5. Enter the interval (in seconds) that you would like your screens to rotate at
  6. Click OK

To disable automatic screen rotation, simply return to the Rotation menu option and uncheck the Enabled box.

Wallboard rotation settings
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