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How to Solicit Post-Transactional Surveys via Email

Survey forms are designed to be sent to your customers via email after interactions are completed. Email interactions are not dictated by scenario, so while it is not possible to utilize the interactive survey features associated with chat or voice scenarios, survey forms provide you an opportunity to request satisfaction input.

Survey forms are created and edited in the Survey Form Editor application and can be distributed by post-transaction workflows. Additionally, a single survey form may be configured in any number of languages you need. Note that survey forms are associated with the quality management features of Bright Pattern Contact Center software and are different from the forms configured in the Form Builder application.


This example requires you to have a configured email service with dispositions, email scenario entry, as well as a working SMTP configuration.

Additionally, if you wish to map custom fields to questions on your form, you will need to configure them first in the Contact Center Administrator application, section Custom Survey Fields.


The following sequence of actions illustrates the steps necessary to take in the various Bright Pattern Contact Center applications in order to send post-transactional surveys via email.

Step 1: Define a Form in Contact Center Administrator

In the Contact Center Administrator application, section Quality Management > Survey Forms, click the Add new form Create-New-Form-53.PNG button; this will launch the Survey Form Editor application.

Step 2: Create Your Form in the Survey Form Editor

In the Survey Form Editor, you will configure how your form looks, what questions it will have, and what languages it will be available in. Certain questions can have reporting metrics or fields mapped to them for reporting purposes.

Step 2a: Configure Your Form in Different Languages

When creating your form, the default language is the language of your contact center. To create a new version of your current form in a different language, select a new language from the language selector, change the language of the current questions or add new ones, then click save.

Step 3: Configure a Workflow

When your survey form is complete, you will configure a workflow with an EMail block. In order for the survey to be sent to the correct customer's email address, enter the $(item.from) variable in the To: Address(es) field; this variable pulls in the email address of the customer whose email has been assigned the correct disposition.

When creating the message body, click the Survey link button, and select the appropriate form from the drop-down menu; selecting the form inserts the variable $(survey_link_xxx) into the body of your message; note that xxx is the name of your survey form.

Step 4: Add a Workflow Entry to your Workflow

When you are finished configuring your workflow, you will need to create a workflow entry; this associates the workflow with your configured service. To send the email post-transaction, select post-processing as the Type. Next, select the service from the drop-down menu, and configure what triggers (i.e., dispositions) will launch the workflow.


If your workflow is giving you trouble, you can configure the EMail block's Mail not sent conditional exit with an Internal Message block; this sends a message to a specific Agent Desktop user.

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