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Bright Pattern Contact Center Documentation

Bright Pattern Contact Center software helps brands create effortless customer experiences on voice, email, chat, video, SMS, and social messengers with integrated AI and bots. Explore our reference guides and tutorials using the following drop-down buttons.

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Setup, tutorials, and troubleshooting for agents working in Agent Desktop


Reference guides, tutorials and API specs for admins using Contact Center Administrator

What's New?

Read about the features added to Bright Pattern Contact Center in version 5.9.3.


How-to guides for all Bright Pattern Contact Center software users


Reference guides and specs for accessing and understanding reporting database metrics

API Reference

API methods for managing users, interactions, recordings, and more


Support and FAQ

Contact Bright Pattern Customer Success and Support for general help, FAQ, and more

Version 3.x Documentation

Click here for Bright Pattern Contact Center version 3.x documentation. Note that you may require a separate user account for access.

Looking for Partner Docs?

Bright Pattern Contact Center Partner Docs and Downloads Version 5.x and Partner Docs Version 3.x are available for partners learning about system installation, configuration, and service management. Please sign in to view (see the User button Helpsite-Login-52.PNG at the top of the page).