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• 5.19

Password Reset Module Installation

The Password Reset Module installation file may be obtained by contacting Bright Pattern Customer Success. Once obtained, run the file and follow the installation procedure.

1. Shortcut Selection

2021.11 passwordReset.02.png

The installer will create a desktop shortcut for the configuration tool if selected. If this is not selected, the configuration tool can be opened in the destination folder specified in the following step.

2. Destination Path

2021.11 passwordReset.03.png

Specify the folder where the files will be stored. Libraries and executable files are copied to the specified directory on the Windows server with access to Microsoft Active Directory and Domain Services (AD/DS).

3. Account Credentials

2021.11 passwordReset.04.png

The main application is implemented as a Windows service application, which provides a simple command-line interface for installation and removing procedures.

  • Note: The installer must run in an account with local administrator privileges. The installer will prompt for credentials to a user with domain administrator privileges.

Specify the domain administrator credentials used to run the service.

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