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Welcome to Agent Desktop

The Bright Pattern Agent Guide provides instructions for using Bright Pattern Contact Center Agent Desktop, a cloud-based software application that enables you to perform various telecommunication and customer service tasks in Bright Pattern-based private branch exchange (PBX) phone system and contact center environments.

Learn how to use Agent Desktop by exploring the following sections of the Agent Guide:


The Agent Guide is meant to be used as a reference manual, tutorial, and operational handbook by:

  • Contact center agents who will use Agent Desktop to provide customer service over the phone and other supported media channels
  • Contact center supervisors[1] who will use Agent Desktop to manage and monitor their teams
  • Campaign operators who are assigned to manage their contact center's outbound campaigns
  • Back office employees who will use the Agent Desktop application for their business communications


Readers of this guide are expected to be familiar with basic operations with computer (Windows/Mac) operating systems and Internet applications.

  1. Agent Desktop features a separate set of functions for supervisors and campaign operators. These functions are discussed in the Bright Pattern Supervisor Guide.
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