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User Interface Overview

The five main parts of the Chat Widget Configuration application are:

  • Chat Styling
  • Chat Initiation via Contact Tabs
  • Proactive Offers
  • On-page Initiation Forms
  • In-Scenario and Manually-Sent Forms

The properties for each of these parts are edited and previewed in the Chat Widget Configuration application. The user interface comprises two main parts: the Properties pane on the left, and the Preview area on the right.

Chat Widget Configuration application


The Name field is where you enter the unique name of the chat widget or form that you are editing. This field appears at the top of the screen when you are working on any widget or form that is not Chat Styling.

Name field


Editable properties for each chat widget or form appear on the left side of the screen. Any changes you make to these properties will be reflected in the preview pane on the right, allowing you to see the properties in action.

Some widgets and forms have more than one set of properties to edit, and these appear as tabs in the Properties pane. You may click on each tab to expand or collapse the properties.


Preview URL

You can enter the URL of your website in the Preview URL field. Doing so will show you how your customized chat widget will look on your own website.

How to Use Preview URL

  1. Type the URL of your website.

    Type the URL of your website to see the chat widget as it would appear on your site

  2. Click Apply.

  3. A dialog will ask, "Do you see the site content?" Click Yes if you see a webpage displayed in the preview pane, or click No if you see a white background. (Note: You may need to wait a few seconds for the page to load.)

    Do you see the site content?

The chat widget and the webpage should then be shown in the preview pane. If you do not see the chat widget, the top of the preview pane will display the following message in red: "Chat widget not found!"

Try refreshing the browser page and entering the URL again.


Be sure to click Save to save your changes to the properties. If you don't do this, you will have to open the page and redo your work.

Clicking Cancel will close the Chat Widget Configuration application, without saving changes.

Save / Cancel buttons
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