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There are many ways to call the Embedded Agent Desktop API methods and events. This section provides SDK sample code, which embeds the Agent Desktop widget on a basic webpage and attaches all the methods and events of the Embedded Agent Desktop API to web elements.

See the Use Cases section of this guide for more ways to use the SDK.

Embedding Agent Desktop

The Embedded Agent Desktop widget incorporates the Embedded Agent Desktop API, a browser-based JavaScript API that allows a webpage to communicate with the Bright Pattern Agent Desktop application embedded on that page in iframe. Iframe (Inline Frame) is an HTML element that is used to insert interactive content from a different source onto a website.

Some domains do not allow content from other sources to be embedded using iframe, and you will experience errors when trying to embed Agent Desktop.

If this occurs, please contact your service provider to enable a domain for your contact center.

Note: It is possible for service providers to rebrand the Embedded Agent Desktop widget. For more information, see the Rebranding Guide.

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