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Ordering Toll-Free Phone Numbers

Bright Pattern Contact Center Number Provisioning application software provides users with the option to order Toll-Free phone numbers easily.


  • Use the Order search form to find numbers.
  • Select the numbers you wish to order.
  • Go to the cart and confirm the order.
  • Check the order details to confirm all the chosen numbers are ready to be used. (This may take a few minutes.)


1. Go to the Order Phone Numbers 2022.03.09 NumProv link on the left menu.

2. On the Order Phone Numbers page, select the "Search for numbers" radio button.

3. Choose a country from the Country selector drop-down menu.

4. In the Select number type section, choose "Toll-Free".

5. In the Numbers quantity needed box, type in the number of phone numbers you would like to order.

(This step is optional. If you do not type in a specific number of phone numbers you would like, it will provide you with a variable set of phone numbers currently available to choose from.)

6. In the Search Criteria text box, enter characters to reveal search options. Start with "8" to access the Toll-Free (TF) area codes. Picking from this drop-down will narrow the number search to only numbers with that specific Toll-Free area code. Searching for "8**" will show all Toll-Free area code results.

Choosing "8" lists the available Toll-Free area code numbers

Choosing "8**" will provide all the Toll-Free area codes in the search results

7. In the Capability section, click the available checkboxes to choose which capabilities you would like your phone numbers to have in addition to Voice: SMS, MMS, or SMS and MMS.

8. Press the "Search" 2022.03.09 NumProv Icon.OrderPhoneNumbers.Search.on.png button.

9. You will be presented with the Toll-Free phone numbers that the Number Provisioning application has found.

2022.03.14 NumProv OrderPhoneNumbers.TollFree.10NumbersFound.png

10. This page will include the Number (the phone number itself), the Country where the phone number is located, the Capability (a combination of Voice and SMS, Voice and MMS, or Voice and SMS and MSS), the Number Type (Toll-Free), and the phone number's Location (not specified because it is a Toll-Free number).

11. Pick the phone numbers you wish to order by clicking on the checkbox to select. If you wish to select all the phone numbers, click the checkbox to the left of the Number title at the top of the number list. The number of chosen phone numbers will be shown on the "Add to Cart" button.

2022.03.14 NumProv OrderTollFree Selected.png

Note: After choosing the numbers you wish to order, you can click the "Export CSV" 2022.03.09 NumProv Icon.ExportCSV.png button to export the list of available numbers to a .CSV file for later use. This file can be found in your Downloads folder. It will be named "search-results.csv".

Purchasing Numbers Without Uploading a .CSV List

1. After choosing the numbers you wish to purchase click the "Add to Cart" 2022.03.10 NumProv Icons.AddToCart(1).on.png button to add the selected numbers to the cart.

2. Go to the cart by clicking the "Go to Cart "2022.03.10 NumProv Icons.GoToCart.png button or clicking on the cart icon 2022.03.10 NumProv Icons.1ItemInCartBadge.png that will appear in the left menu when there are phone numbers available to purchase waiting in the cart.

2022.03.14 NumProv OrderPhoneNumbers.PhonesInCart.01.png

3. Once you are in the cart, you will be able to see a list of the phone numbers you have chosen. There will be a Shopping Cart banner near the top of the screen that will include:

  • "X" numbers - This is the number of phone numbers you have in the cart at the moment.
  • Back - This will return you to the previous screen
  • Clear Cart - This will clear all the numbers from the cart
  • Confirm Order - This will confirm the order you wish to place
  • Add note to ordered numbers - This 2022.03.10 NumProv button will add a notation to the entire set of ordered numbers in the cart

2022.03.14 NumProv ShoppingCart topBanner.png

Note: Clicking the "Add note to ordered numbers" 2022.03.10 NumProv button will open the "Add Note" screen, which will allow you to add a small notation to the numbers in the list.

2022.03.14 NumProv ShoppingCart.DemoNote.png

2022.03.14 NumProv OrderTollFree ConfirmOrder.png

4. The Order Phone Numbers >> Shopping Cart page will also include:

  • Results - How many numbers are in the list
  • Number - The phone number
  • Country - The country the phone number is located in
  • Capability - What options the phone number is capable of other than voice such as SMS or MMS
  • Number Type - The type of number you have purchased
  • Location - Where the number is located
  • X - This icon will remove a specific number from the list before purchase

5. When you are satisfied with the numbers and are ready to purchase, press the "Confirm Order" 2022.03.08 NumProv button.

6. You will be presented with a banner stating: "Your order is being processed" and a link to the Orders page, where you can see the status of your order.

2022.03.14 NumProv ShoppingCart PurchaseSuccess.Name.png

Purchasing Numbers By Uploading a .CSV List

1. After choosing the numbers you wish to order within the Order Phone Numbers 2022.03.09 NumProv Icon.OrderPhoneNumbers.on.png page, you can click the "Export CSV" 2022.03.09 NumProv Icon.ExportCSV.png button to export the list of available numbers to a .CSV file. This file can be found in your Downloads folder. It will be named "search-results.csv". You can add and subtract rows from this file as needed and this file can be renamed.

2. After you have exported the list, click the "Back to Search" 2022.03.10 NumProv Icons.BackToSearch.png button.

3. Click the "Upload a list of numbers (XLS, CSV)" radio button.

2022.03.14 NumProv XLSCSV.png

4. Click the "Upload" 2022.03.09 NumProv Icon.Upload.png button and select the "search-results.csv" file to upload.

2022.03.14 NumbProv UploadXLSCSV.02.png

5. Press the "Purchase" 2022.03.11 NumProv Icons.Purchase.png button to confirm and purchase the numbers.

6. You will be brought to the Phone Numbers page. At the top there will be a banner with a link to the Orders page that states the status of your order, including how many numbers were purchased, how many were skipped (if any), and a downloadable .CSV list via the "Download list of errors" 2022.03.10 NumProv Icons.DownloadListOfErrors.png button, if any of the numbers were unable to be purchased.

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