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• 5.19

Number Provisioning User Interface

The following sections describe the user interface of Bright Pattern's Number Provisioning application.

2022.04.11 NP OverviewScreenshot.png



The number of items to review on that page (e.g., 631 results on the Phone Numbers page means that there are 631 phone numbers that can be selected or examined.)


The number of phone numbers/records that have been selected.


This dropdown 2022.03.015 NumProv Icon.Actions.on.png button allows you to perform actions on specific numbers or groups of numbers listed on the page.

Edit Columns

This dropdown 2022.03.09 NumProv Icon.EditColumns.png button allows you to rearrange the column order to your liking by dragging and dropping the columns in the order you would prefer.


The menu includes: Phone Numbers, Orders, Trash, Order Phone Numbers, Request Port, Add Caller ID Numbers, and Add Your Own Numbers.

2022.04.11 NP ExpandedMenuScreenshot.png
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