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Requesting Number Port

Bright Pattern's Contact Center Number Provisioning application provides users with the self-service option to request a move or "port" phone numbers from one carrier to another. Please note that porting requests are supported for United States and Canadian numbers only.

This article explains how to request porting of phone numbers from one carrier to another.


  • Prepare the data
  • Create a Letter of Authorization
  • Request port from another carrier


Porting Between Carriers

Prepare the Data

1. Go to the Request Port 2022.03.09 NumProv page.

2. The "Request Port from Another Carrier" page will appear.

3. It reads:

"Step 1 of 3: Prepare Data Porting requests are supported for US/Canada numbers only. Please contact to request port of an international number.

To request port from another carrier, please provide the following:"

  • Excel spreadsheet (XLS, CSV) with a list of numbers for porting
  • Or enter full number (you can enter several numbers separated by comma)

2022.03.10 NP RequestPort.01.png

4. Choose a porting option - uploading via spreadsheet or entering the numbers manually.

Using a spreadsheet

1. Choosing the "Excel spreadsheet" option allows you to click the "Download example spreadsheet button" 2022.03.09 NumProv Icon.DownloadExampleSpreadsheet.png and download an example spreadsheet to use as a template to correctly format the numbers to be ported. This download can be found in your downloads folder and can be opened in a spreadsheet application. Open the spreadsheet template. Note that there are no separating punctuation marks (e.g., commas, dashes, periods, etc) between the numbers and that each number string begins with "1".

2022.03.10 NP RequestPort.01.a.png

2. Edit the example spreadsheet to fit your needs or create your own to match the template.

3. Save the spreadsheet.

4. Choose the "Upload" 2022.03.09 NumProv Icon.Upload.png button.

2022.03.10 NP RequestPort.01.b.png

5. Click the "Submit" 2022.03.09 NumProv Icon.Submit on.png button.

Manual entry

1. Choose the option "Or enter full number (you can enter several numbers separated by comma)"

2022.03.10 NP

2. Enter the phone numbers you want to port into the text box manually, separating each phone number string with a comma.

  • Note that there are otherwise no separating punctuation marks (e.g., commas, dashes, periods, etc) between the phone number digits themselves and that each number string begins with "1".

3. Click the "Submit" 2022.03.09 NumProv Icon.Submit on.png button.

4. The "Step 2 of 3: Create Letter of Authorization" page will open.

Create a Letter of Authorization

While completing this form:
  • Please ensure that each Letter of Authorization (LOA) has the proper billing/address information
  • Any LOAs that include billing/address information that does NOT match what the current carrier has on file, will be rejected by the losing carrier
  • Only a person that is listed as authorized on the billing account qualifies to authorize the ports and sign the LOA
  • LOAs must be separated into two groups: local numbers and Toll-Free numbers (TFNs)
  • Any LOAs that include both local numbers and TFNs will automatically be rejected by the carrier
  • The Billing Telephony Number (BTN) can be any number that matches one of the numbers being ported on the LOA form, however, it must be a local number from the form on a local number order and must be a TFN from the form on a TFN order

1. On the "Step 2 of 3: Create Letter of Authorization" page, fill out the information form to port to the carrier previously searched for.

2. This mandatory information requested includes:

  • Current Provider
  • Authorized Owner
    • First name
    • Last name
  • Service address (as it appears on Customer Service Record)
  • Billing address (as it appears on customer invoice)
  • Existing BTN (Billing Telephony Number) with current carrier (if not sure, select any of the ported numbers)

3. Once this form has been filled out, click the "Next" 2022.03.08 NumProv Icons.Next.png button.

4. The "Request Port From Another Carrier" page will open.

2022.03.10 NP RequestPort.03.png

Request Port From Another Carrier

1. Step 3 of 3: Download, Sign and Upload the Letter of Authorization

2. Once on the "Request Port From Another Carrier" page, you will follow the steps:

  • Download the Letter of Authorization (LOA).
  • Sign the LOA
  • Upload signed LOA (PDF only)

2022.03.10 NP RequestPort.07.png

Download the LOA

1. Click the "Download" 2022.03.09 NumProv Icon.Download.png button to download the Letter of Authorization file.

2. This download can be found in your downloads folder.

3. It should be named "letter of authorization.pdf".

2022.03.10 NP Downloads.png

Sign the LOA

1. Open the "letter of authorization.pdf".

2. Examine the information to make sure that all the fields are filled out correctly.

3. Print out the .PDF file.

4. Date and sign the .PDF file.

2022.03.10 NP LOA.VerifyDateSign.png

Upload signed Letter of Authorization (PDF only)

1. Once the information in the Letter of Authorization (LOA) .PDF file has been verified and signed, upload the file.

2. Click the "Upload" 2022.03.09 NumProv Icon.Upload.png button to browse your computer and upload a copy of the signed LOA.

2022.03.10 NP RequestPort.08.png

3. Click the "Finish" 2022.03.09 NumProv Icon.Finish.png button to finish uploading the file.

4. If the upload is a success you will see a new page called "Request Port From Another Carrier".

5. It will include:

  • A green banner that states "Order status: Pending" with a blue link that leads to the specific order details.
  • The number of phone numbers that you have requested to port
  • How many numbers are pending porting
  • How many numbers have failed

6. It will also list the Order number, the status of the order, the order type, the name of the Authorized owner, the service address, and a link to the uploaded Letter of Authorization.

7. If you wish to port more numbers, you can click the "Start New Order" 2022.03.09 NumProv Icon.StartNewOrder.png button to begin a new order process.

2022.03.10 NP RequestPort.10.png
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