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• 5.19


The Orders page allows you to view the orders made.

2022.03.08 NumProv Icons.OrdersWIcon.01.png

2022.03.08 NumProv OrdersWIcon.01.png


Order #

The order number. Clicking on the link allows you to see the details of that specific order.


The type of order: Created Externally, Release, Import Numbers, CNAM, 911 Address, Port Order, Undelete, Delete, Release, and Purchase.

Ordered By

The individual who ordered the number.


The status of the order: Pending, Success, Partial Success, and Failed.

Order Date

The date that the order was made. Further details can be found by clicking on the Order #.

Numbers Total

How many phone numbers were in that order.

Note: There are no Actions available on the Orders page.

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