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Phone Numbers

The Phone Numbers page allows you to search phone numbers. Selecting a phone number provides a variety of specifications for that number such as the number's current state, capability, category, which carrier it's under, the 911 address and Caller ID name (CNAM) attached to the number, etc. These results can be searched and filtered using the search feature at the top of the page.

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A specific phone number.


The state of the phone number: Active, Pending, In Trash, or Released. Note that a phone number being moved to the trash does not mean that it is fully deleted and/or released yet, there is a seven day grace period allotted to allow you to go to the Trash page and undelete a deleted phone number if necessary. Active means that your phone number is active and available for use. Pending means that your phone number has a pending action. Released means that your phone number has been released back to a number pool and no longer belongs to you.


The capability of your phone number: Voice and SMS or MMS, or Voice and SMS and MMS.


The categories of the phone number, what kind of a phone number it is: Local Number, Toll-Free, Caller ID, or Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC).

Used In

This is which service has used the phone number.

Order #

The order number for the chosen phone number.

Purchase Date

The date the phone number was purchased.


The date the phone number was modified.

Ordered By

The individual who ordered the phone number.


The carrier that the phone number is carried on.


Caller Name Delivery is the calling party name identification (e.g., Caller ID) for US-based telephone networks.

911 Address

The 911 address attached to the phone number.


Notations attached to the phone number (e.g., the team that the number will be used for, the supervisor who requested the number's order, etc.)

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