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• 5.19


The Trash page allows you to search which numbers have been trashed, to add a notation to the trashed phone number, to release the trashed numbers, and to undelete the trashed phone numbers if less than seven days have passed since the initial deletion.

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The phone number that was deleted.

Deleting Date

The date that the selected phone number was deleted.

Deleted By

The user who deleted the phone number.

Was Used In

Which services used the phone number.

Deleting Order #

The order number that requested the phone number deletion.

Purchase Date

The date the phone was purchased.


Notation attached to the phone number.


2022.03.09 NumProv Trash.ActionDropdown.png

Export CSV

Select the phone numbers on the page and click "Export CSV" to export those numbers to a .CSV spreadsheet.


Select the phone numbers you wish to release and choose "Release" from the Trash >> Actions dropdown menu in order to fully release the phone number from the trash. The numbers will no longer belong to your organization.


Should you wish to go back and retrieve a previously trashed/deleted number, and it is within seven days of the deletion, you can undelete the number before it is fully released by clicking the "Undelete" option in the Trash >> Actions dropdown. Number Provisioning restores only trunks and SMS/MMS accounts. All other assignments won't be restored.

Add Note

You can add a note to the phone number (e.g., reason for deletion, etc.) The notation can be no longer than 255 characters.

Select With SpreadSheet

You can select and bulk interact with numbers from the Trash menu via uploading a spreadsheet with those numbers listed within the spreadsheet.

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