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Call Center Supervisor

Call Center Supervisor functionality lets a user with supervisor privileges perform typical contact center supervisor functions, such as real-time monitoring of key contact center performance indicators, helping agents with call handling, supervising agent activity, managing campaign tasks in real time, and more. These supervisor functions are essentially the same as those available to supervisors not working in Zendesk. For more information on supervising from the Agent Desktop application, see the Supervisor Guide.

To test Bright Pattern Contact Center's Call Center Supervisor functionality, click the Call Center icon Zendesk-integration-guide-image9.png in the main menu of the Zendesk desktop, on the left. The Bright Pattern Contact Center Agent Desktop should now occupy the entire Zendesk working area.

This full-screen Agent Desktop mode is normally used by supervisors only. To be able to use the supervisor functionality, you must have the privilege Access full Agent Desktop. Important: To enable integrated desktop for other users of your system, make sure they all have the privilege Use Zendesk.

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