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Importing the Plug-in

To import the plug-in, follow these steps.

Step 1: Create new from plug-in.

Click Create New > From Plug-in.


Step 2: Select the plug-in.

Select the Bright Pattern > ServicePattern Mobile API checkbox.


Step 3: Import the plug-in.

Click Import selected plug-ins. You should see a list of pages and services similar to this one:


Step 4: Specify values for the plug-in.

  • Click Services > SP_mobileSettings.
  • In the Contact Center Administrator application, copy the Unique identifier of your Bright Pattern Contact Center Mobile/Web scenario entry and paste it to appId.
  • Set clientId to a unique value.
  • Set the clientWebServerUrl value to be the URL of your Bright Pattern Contact Center Client Web Server. You can obtain this URL from your service provider.
  • Set the tenantUrl value to be your particular tenant URL in Bright Pattern Contact Center . (Tenant URL corresponds to the domain name of your contact center that you see in the upper right corner of the Contact Center Administrator application after login.)


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