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Knowledge Base Overview

Knowledge Base is a repository of articles that help you quickly find answers to customer inquiries and improve response times by providing predefined/approved text for your replies to the customers. Depending on your service configuration, some articles may be offered to you as templates, which you only need to review and, if necessary, customize slightly before sending them as replies to customers. Other articles may provide more general knowledge that you may need when handling typical customer inquiries within a given service.

Articles can be arranged in multi-level folders that will usually correspond to the different categories of knowledge within your organization. You can browse the Knowledge Base content using the folder and article names. You can also search for articles relevant to your task using some keywords (e.g., the name and model of the product that the customer has questions about).

For more information on how to use Knowledge Base articles in your replies, see section How to a Use Knowledge Base Article

As an agent, you may provide some comments about any article that may be used to improve its content and make it more helpful to you and other users. Depending on your qualification, you may also be able to create new articles in the Knowledge Base and edit the existing ones. For more information, see section Contributing Content to the Knowledge Base.

Note that the Knowledge Base content itself is fully customizable and specific to your organization. If the Knowledge Base is used in your contact center, you will receive a description of its content and detailed usage guidelines from your system administrator.


Learn more about using the Knowledge Base in this guide's Tutorials section.