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Why We Created Omni QM

Bright Pattern Contact Center’s Omni QM offers a wide range of features and benefits. But what does your contact center stand to benefit from the most?

First, Omni QM utilizes Bright Pattern Contact Center’s true omnichannel capabilities, which ensures 100 percent coverage across all communication channels, including voice, chat, SMS, social messengers, video, and email. Coverage across all channels allows your contact center to maintain quality in all customer interactions.

Next, Omni QM is fully integrated in Bright Pattern Contact Center software. This means it has access to everything in your contact center, including users, interaction data, call recordings, screen recordings, chat transcripts, customer surveys, AI-driven sentiment analysis, and so forth already—there is no need to set up data imports and exports and user synchronization, and reports cover both interactions and quality side out of the box. Implementing Omni QM is as simple as enabling the feature and configuring evaluation forms.

Finally, Omni QM is a full-featured package designed to support all aspects of the quality improvement process of your organization.

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