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General Information About Detailed Records

The tables specified in this section contain detailed information about all agent activities and all interactions that either entered, or were initiated from, the Bright Pattern Contact Center system. The data in these tables can be used, for example, for quality management tasks, which require searching for specific interactions based on combinations of specific criteria. These data can also be used for developing custom metrics that are not available from the aggregation tables specified in the previous sections.

Detailed records are created from the raw event data that is initially written to the collector database (DB1) in real-time by various Bright Pattern Contact Center components. This raw data is periodically extracted by the Aggregator component, transformed into records, and loaded into the tables of the Reporting Database (DB2). The standard aggregation period is 15 minutes; therefore, under normal circumstances, the data in the detailed records for completed interactions and agent activities appear in these tables with a maximum delay of 15 minutes.

Note: All duration values in detailed records are calculated by subtracting the number of full calendar seconds in the start time form the same number in the end time (i.e., milliseconds are disregarded). The time is given in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).

Consider these examples:

  • A call that was answered at 11:00:00:005 and released at 11:00:00:998 will have talk time of 0 seconds in the call detail record.
  • A call that was answered at 11:00:00:995 and released at 11:00:01:005 will have talk time of 1 second in the call detail record.
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