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Create a Lambda Function

After creating an Identity and Access Management (IAM) user and group, the next step in the process is to create a function (i.e., a program) in the AWS Lambda service. You may create a function from scratch, from an existing template, or browse the app repository.


  1. Sign in to your AWS account and then go to the AWS Management Console.

  2. Search the Services for Lambda to get to the AWS Lambda Dashboard.

  3. From here, click the Create function button.


  4. Decide how you would like to create your function. In this example, we choose Author from scratch, give the function a name, define the runtime (i.e., the programming language the function will be written in), then click Create function.


  5. If you are creating your function from scratch, enter your function in Function code, then click Save.


  6. (Optional) If you configured your function from scratch, you may choose to Configure test events.


Once your test event is created, you will click the Test button.


The results of your test can be viewed in the Function code section.

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