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• 5.19

Request Port

Bright Pattern's Contact Center Number Provisioning application provides users with the option to create a self-service order to move or "port" phone numbers from one carrier to another.

Request Port does three things:

  • Acts as a wizard to walk through LOA completion
  • Pends an order on NPP for the port
  • Sends an e-mail to the address of record for Ports in Settings.

Note that it does not begin a port with winning or losing carriers. That process must be done manually.

Using Request Port can be utilized via uploading a .XLS or .CVS spreadsheet to the system with a list of numbers to port or by entering the full number manually, separating each individual phone number with a comma.

2022.03.08 NumProv Icons.RequestPortWIcon.01.png

Please note that porting requests are supported for United States numbers only.

2022.04.11 NP RequestPort.Overview.png

This step-by-step procedure includes:

  • Preparing the data
  • Creating a Letter of Authorization
  • Requesting a port from another carrier

For a tutorial on how to port numbers between carriers, please see Tutorials.

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